I've lived in Oregon all my life except for like... three years where i lived in Minnesota. When I was there I got pretty homesick, and its because of that I found that every episode of Oregon Field Guide is up on the OPB website to watch for free all the time.

It's a really relaxing show where the hosts just examine the nature, people, events and life from every corner of the state. I highly recommend it if my home is interesting to you in any way.

about a second away from just setting up a stream of this show, dang

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okay, i'm caving, if anyone wants to watch this old TV show with me, click on thru and hang out, friend!


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What do you use to stream? I need to set something up like that up so I can watch stuff with my daughter remotely.

i use a service that @BestGirlGrace set up for me to use, i don't know much about it, but i'm sure she could point you at the tech she used

we also sometimes use a service called Kast which is kind of like a small time version of twitch

@MrJimmy @bort I used this guide: live.sleeping.town/

though it requires having a server somewhere you can stream through.

If the stuff you want to use is on something like Youtube or a file you can upload to a google drive or something, you can use cytu.be/

@BestGirlGrace @MrJimmy

Nice thanks! I have 3 servers so it definitely could be setup. Awesome, my kiddo will be thrilled :)
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