I've lived in Oregon all my life except for like... three years where i lived in Minnesota. When I was there I got pretty homesick, and its because of that I found that every episode of Oregon Field Guide is up on the OPB website to watch for free all the time.

It's a really relaxing show where the hosts just examine the nature, people, events and life from every corner of the state. I highly recommend it if my home is interesting to you in any way.

here's an episode from season 1 where they talk to a guy who has seen the Sasquatch:

about a second away from just setting up a stream of this show, dang

okay, i'm caving, if anyone wants to watch this old TV show with me, click on thru and hang out, friend!


What do you use to stream? I need to set something up like that up so I can watch stuff with my daughter remotely.

i use a service that @BestGirlGrace set up for me to use, i don't know much about it, but i'm sure she could point you at the tech she used

we also sometimes use a service called Kast which is kind of like a small time version of twitch

@MrJimmy @bort I used this guide:

though it requires having a server somewhere you can stream through.

If the stuff you want to use is on something like Youtube or a file you can upload to a google drive or something, you can use

@BestGirlGrace @MrJimmy

Nice thanks! I have 3 servers so it definitely could be setup. Awesome, my kiddo will be thrilled :)

hmm, maybe i broke the link? i'll post again, i seem to be able to load it

@MrJimmy u can see how much ur boy be has grown and aged like shit

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