@MrJimmy morning casey!!! :))))) ☀️😊

@MrJimmy idk been better I think, but I’m healthy and safe and with people I love so I have lots to be thankful for still. How bout you?

Ahh, hard times really are hard, I'm sorry. :(
I'm glad you're keeping your chin up, you're very strong 💛

I am doing fine. After today I get a nice loooong weekend, so I've gotta brainstorm something fun todo with the time.

@MrJimmy thanks ☺️

Aw cool!! What kinds of things do you have in mind? There are so many possibilities 🤩

I might do another hike 🤔 but I gotta find a place to go if i do

Hmh, I know tonight and tomorrow I'm doing rabbit streams in the evening, and then Saturday I'm doing another masto board game night, then my regular d&d game on Sunday, dang I didnt think about how stacked up my weekend got...

You have any plans?

@MrJimmy ooh nice I miss having hikes around! Now i have a few walks but that’s all really lol. I’ll probably be chilling in both tn and tomorrow so maybe I’ll jump in your stream at some point! That would be cool :) if you’ll have me ofc! As for my plans I wanna hang out with my friend but nothing concrete so we’ll see what we do!

Rocky, any time I am doin something you are invited, no question. I'd be ecstatic to hang with you 🙂

I hope you and your friend do something fun!

@MrJimmy :ancomheart: :blobmiou: thanks I’m sure we will! What time are you thinking of streaming tn btw?

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