Hi, I'm Casey "your friend" Jimmy and this is my eternal AMA

@MrJimmy yes hello, when will your candy instance be up and running

I've got a lot of things to learn before that can happen. Right now the only research that I've done is about top-level domains, which is maybe the most baby step that I can take. Next I need to learn what kind of server hosting options are reliable and feasible, then bone up on what I need to do to run my own mastodon instance. First step is figuring out if I have the smarts, second step is making sure I can finance it. Actual first step is getting over how lazy I am.

@MrJimmy I hear that! I'm only teasing anyway, I just want to see what people's candysonas are 😁

Me 👏 too 👏

My candysona is called Soda Poppin Daddy

Candysonas come to use after hours of careful contemplation

@MrJimmy @Bronco I love LemonHeads and I have the same initials, maybe there's something there 🍋

@Bronco @MrJimmy I like those, you can pretend you're eating pencil erasers

@MrJimmy @Louisa

I've a bit of experience running one. It's a little tedious to get going, but it's not that complex really. The tutorial they have does a decent job.

I've a blog post I can toss ya with some maintenance tips I've been using.

Make sure that you get a hosting service that either a) allows for upgrading of disk down the road or b) you can consider attaching CDN type storage. I'm starting to look into the second option for mine, as disk creep is a thing, especially as the DB grows over time. And the cached media, and media you've uploaded.

Theres definitely going to come a time when I'm going to need to ask questions and get tips, so thanks for offering to help out in that regard! I'll keep you on my contact list for it

@MrJimmy Hi Jimmy, what's the best restaurant you've ever been to and what did you have?

food, alc 


What's coming up in the near future that's got you hyped?

hmmmm, i think the thing I'm most excited about right now is dig into this RPG campaign that i'm supposed to run, it's not going to be happening any time soon, but i've been out of the rotation in my regular group for a while and i'm excited to dive back in!

mmmm, my reading habits have really slowed down

i got my kickstarted copy of the 2nd edition Scion books last week tho, and i'm pretty stoked about those

scion, rpg talk 

oh, if you know louisa from my instance, her brother is one of the major contributors to the new edition!

small world huh?

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