@MrJimmy Casey, I liked this site before you joined, but you've absolutely made it better. your'e good people

@MrJimmy @madeline @BestGirlGrace @healyn Casey you’re super awesome. I really love hanging out in the animorphs discord!

@MrJimmy @BestGirlGrace @healyn

just tell people the internet made you cry. it's 2019 and everyone can understand that statement taken at face value.

@MrJimmy @jackdaw_ruiz @BestGirlGrace @healyn for all the kindness you put out into the world, you deserve to have kindness sent your way, too

That makes me feel amazing. 😊

Considering that everything I've done here is just a reaction to what everyone was already doing, I think it's great.

@MrJimmy you have a very launchpad energy (I said hoping that's a good thing)

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