Hey its my birthday today, so please seek out black culture in some form for black history month. Watch a movie (Carwash). Read a novel (Kindred). Play a tabletop RPG (Cyberpunk 2020). This is what I want for my birthday. 🙂

@MrJimmy @cxcf ooo Kindred is sooo good! ❤️ 📖 ❤️

and by "good" I mean "painful" 💀

@MrJimmy Gotta post this because it’s important. Billie Holiday singing “Strange Fruit.”

@MrJimmy sounds like a good day to watch moonlight again, we finally bought it the other day

@madeline still got 45 mins left, but it was a great birthday, everyone was just amazing to me today, i got so many birthday wishes and even a few gifts and i'm just really happy that i found all of you

@MrJimmy ok. Tomorrow I will start my first Octavia Butler novel.

@MrJimmy I will. It's the last day of the tourney, I will have lots of down time, and also get off early

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