Another HN thread about Emacs. I don't think I've ever seen anyone using Emacs as a daily driver editor in the past 5 years...

@nuclear why people talking about Emacs is a problem for you ?

If they want to talk about, it's totally Ok.

I daily use Emacs since more than 10 years, for a lot of things (not only code). I'm verry happy with that. But regularly, I meet people who think its unacceptable for someone to use Emacs. And they generally act in a bad way.

@postroutine It's not a problem, it's just that there are superior alternatives and it's obsolete.

@postroutine Superior as in able to complete the same tasks faster and easier while requiring no time to be spent on configuration, or able to complete tasks impossible for the counterpart.

@nuclear Emacs is fast and simple. Seeing the configuration and the learning of a tool as a bad thing is arbitrary. And I can do with Emacs every things I want or need.

The problem is that you see what you prefer as an universal requierment. Peoples have differents needs and that why there is no superior tools. The goal is to offer to people what they need or want. For some it's Emacs, for other it's something else.

@postroutine BTW, Emacs is extremely far from "simple". It has been ridiculed for years for being bloated and slow. Even despite the hardware catching up, it's still slow because of no multithreading. And the complexity of the config required to make it useful for anything is enormous. Compare it with Intellij or VS Code that just works out of the box.


@nuclear @postroutine I am finding your arguments hard to follow. You are saying is slow and bloated, and you compare it to IDEs (extremely bloated and slow IMHO).

Emacs is definitely not slow in itself. Trust the millions of developers that use it as a powerful daily driver. Just like any other IDE, piling up plugins does not help.

If you are looking for a "working out of the box" experience with Emacs, take a look at Doom Emacs.

@nuclear @postroutine
The one and only valid point I see in your arguments is that Emacs is single-threaded. I never saw this as a performance issue, though. But I have been a victim of blocking I/O on a few rare occasions over the past 5 years of daily Emacs use.

Definitely not a good experience, I must admit, but it was always due to a bug in a plugin that was quickly fixed.

@nuclear @postroutine
And if you are looking for Emacs coding experience showcases, just search the web for videos. Here are a few accounts to follow (on YT, I did not have the time to find them on other platforms):

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