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Hey Mastodon, vous savez si le CPF peut financer le passage de la cartification Kubernetes CKA/CKAD ?

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Javascript is a bad joke everyone has taken seriously.

its amazing that a simple billionaire can accomplish so much, armed with nothing more than billions and billions of dollars

"France is the only permanent member of the United Nations Security Council where a vaccine has not been developed"
With coronavirus infections soaring, deaths nearing 100,000 and the vaccine rollout sputtering, frustrated French people feel they’re right back where they started.

Vous pourriez désormais fabriquer le vaccin Moderna chez vous

Sa séquence ARNm a été publiée sur GitHub par des chercheurs de Stanford.

I am currently working on interfacing a JSONAPI nicely in ruby. The existing gems are either quirky or outdated/unmaintained.
Fellow developers, please stay away from it. GraphQL is a much better and friendlier solution.

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JSONAPI adds an 8th OSI layer called "The complexity layer".
I mean it is fine for very complex APIs that require denormalization, but for a simple , one-depth-relation API, it is a useless overkill.

@MoskitoHero you should probably boot into it. I'm scared to google if emacs has a init system.

Some will argue that a text editor should not have so many features. But Emacs is more of a framework. It is closer to a desktop environment than to a text file editor.

Emacs is currently my development IDE, my email reader, my feed reader, my MQTT client, my REST client, my kubernetes/docker workspace and, obviously, my notes/todo management system. Did I mention it is my terminal?

This 45-year-old piece of software is still alive and kicking butts. Take a look at Doom Emacs or Spacemacs to get started. You won't look back.

Few people understand how great and versatile an editor Emacs is. I keep discovering new things every day, and every time I thought it is limited in some way, it proves me wrong.

Un copain se lance dans la création/mise à disposition de claviers mecaniques à bon prix. Il aimerait en savoir un peu plus sur les attentes d'éventuels clients... Si vous avez deux minutes, voici un petit formulaire:


Cette affiche pour une offre d'emploi montre bien le besoin urgent du poste 😂

#RH #Recrutement #Emploi #Jobs

Assez de virus venus d'ailleurs, on veut du virus bien de chez nous!

Tuning your PostgreSQL for High Performance.

Very nice read. Great resource for any level of Postgresql knowledge.

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