step 1) dont eat anything
step 2) dont eat anything
step 3) dont eat anything
step 4) go to an all you can est buffet

People come for the functionality, but they stay for the brand.

@yunohost have you thought about selling custom hardware?

how do you find people to talk to on mastodon?

Hyped for elementary 5.0. itll be released based on 18.04 so itll support the latest gtk applications such as the gnome suite, which I could not live without on linux. using the latest applications has always been my main gripe with elementary and (hopefully) from now on they'll be focusing more on that issue.

excited for valve to start making games again. have a small hope that they'll be linux exclusive as gabe himself said that value wanted to be more like nintendo

Seems like late 2016-early 2017 was the closest thing we've had to year of the linux. Unfortunately it seems like the wave of new users have gone away. honestly this is pretty damn truthful. I don't agree with the decision to remove net neutrality but I do agree people need to shut up and realize that their Netflix wont be slowing down.

Been tossing around an idea for a few weeks: a federated video sharing/hosting site where anyone (including creators for their own videos) can host their own node.

I think it would solve a number of problems YouTube currently has. (like demonzation over "not advertiser friendly" videos and Google being Google) But I mean, its just an idea.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

i hear tales of the purest of gnome can be found by mastering the arches

i am on a quest to find the purest of gnome

everybody turn and say goodbye to the spooks

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Phew! That was a busy 24 hours! I'm back up and running on my new Nextcloud server, and all my emails are restored. I suppose one good thing came out of all this - I got to test my backup routines, and they all work! 👌

If you don't have a backup routine, make sure you have one. You never know when you're gonna need it.

I wish there was a discover feature on mastodon.

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