Any comrades in the Boston area going to the counter-protest on Saturday? I'd like to hook up with a group and maybe make signs beforehand.

A majority of millennials now reject capitalism, poll shows 

'survey taken last year found that 51 percent of respondents between the ages of 18 and 29 no longer say they support #capitalism.'

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Veterans for peace condemns any transgender ban. 

''Veterans For Peace affirms the rights, humanity and identity of trans people and calls on President #Trump to reverse his bigoted decision to bar trans people from exercising their right as full citizens to serve in the United States military.
As a peace and justice organization, we abhor war and look forward to a day when all combatants refuse to fight.''

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Tfw you realize "iconic" is a palindrome

Ghost in the Shell:

$ ghost
(o o)
| O \ boo!
\ \

try new Gravioli® the only ravioli that's filled with gravel instead of food

I was away for two days, and my husband got stuck in a room! That room's door shut from passing wind, and was unmovably stuck. Luckily it was our toolbox-storing room, and it also had a PC. So Roman quickly looks at a bunch of lockpicking tutorials on YouToob, and just builds a tool to unlock that door. I'm so proud (and glad) it's all okay now!

My two year old, on learning grownups need passports to leave the country:
“There is nothing more absurd and at the same time more harmful, more deadly, for the people than to uphold the fictitious principle of nationality as the ideal of all the people’s aspirations.”

Boy, do I love CW. Boy, do I love CW. I can't watch a lot of these videos that pop up on my birbsite feed.

Sweet dreams are made of bees. Who am I to diss a bee?

Politics, racism, violence 

When PoC advocating for their freedom block a road for a little bit, people advocate running them over.

When the administration does it in New Jersey for revenge they get off scott-free or get light probation

This is what rampant hierarchy looks like

One of my babies is working on "Papa." He kind of whispers it, trying to make the p sound. 😍 😍 😍

Along those lines, is anybody aware of a Github-like alternative that supports git? I used to use Bitbucket in my Mercurial days. Is Atlassian a better organization?

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