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The biggest threat is now exempt because 💰

Laptop ban lifted on Emirates flights -

Morning! Feel kinda like shit but maybe coffee will solve that...
I still have that stupid cold 😪

Stale bacon. This travesty shouldn't have happened

Spotted a utterly wrecked bed on the street when going for lunch today and wanted to take a pic of it on my way back and toot it captioned "wild sex", but forgot, so now you have to imagine it instead. Sorry to have let y'all down

Can't remember when I last used my phone for calling or composing a text message

"Today I don't feel like doing anything" is my office soundtrack

ohfuck we have two national holidays now and the shops will be closed. Will have to raid the supermarket tonight

(( You can't even imagine the power I wield ))
*blasts a 0.5 x 0.5 cm piece of silicon to pieces*

Tusky:master is very broken, but it has working notifications so that's a way forward

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