I have been awake for 24 hours. It was a fun day and worth it. Time for bed.

You can't put a price in happiness. That is true. I can put a name on it though. @radioactive :)

Storms are in the forecast. I am guessing they will go right around me like last time. I have not seen a good one yet this year.

Massive headache that won't go away. I need meds and @radioactive by my side. Even if the headache doesn't go away having her in my life makes every day amazing.

Relaxing with one amazing woman. A perfect Sunday.

I am nearing the end of Skyrim. Suggestions of what I should play next? What is everyone playing these days?

So many games so little time. @radioactive any suggestions?
Maybe I should just come and see you instead? Beats video games any day.😀

Trying this out for the first time with the IPad. I like the interface better then on my android phone

Stuck at work and work in the morning. It needs to be tomorrow afternoon.


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