I've been wanting to ask you this but I've been nervous lol! What is your favorite folk vocaloid song & folk inst… — Please don't be nervous, I don't bite 😊

I can't possibly list a favorite song, because so many of them were and… curiouscat.me/Lystrialle/post/

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On one hand I'm like, wow, Bandcamp, way to throw shade, but on the other hand this is actually very much true >>;;

(The optimal solution is to actually do both, but I appreciate any support in no matter what form!)

Ah, some friends came in the mail from @xxnuj@twitter.com 🥰

After way, way too long, You, in the Endless Starlight is now available on Amazon!! amazon.com/dp/B07T3J54X7/

In any case I am truly thankful that BOOTH lets us do this now, I hope they will continue to do so in the future, and that more services will consider ways to bridge the Western and Japanese markets more thoroughly.

Now, the next question is China...

And before the BOOTH provision changed, we originally were considering putting the album on iTunes, not because we wanted to (it would omit the art booklet), but because at the time we had no other guaranteed vehicle of accessibility from Japan.

We got very lucky.

-- digital albums. Planning for the MEIKO compilation started before that rule was implemented, so how we would plan to sell a digital album that blatantly had her face on it was a serious point of concern for us...

And, of course, physical goods were completely impossible.

I think for both the MEIKO compi and my own album, the timing was really perfect, with BOOTH becoming more accessible the year before, and also the fact that rather recently Piapro Link also started a provision for --

It breaks my heart to have to list my items with an uncomfortably high shipping fee by default, but it's a big deal to even have the option to make my work available there. Previously, it was iTunes et al. or bust (which pays me very little compared to Bandcamp and BOOTH).

And this is an extremely recent development! If not for this I would have effectively had to throw my hands up and call it quits. The only other alternative is Degica's KOMOJU, which is 1) built far more for small businesses than indie, and 2) also very recent

BOOTH is effectively the go-to for online retail of doujinshi goods in Japan, and they also support digital downloads and preorders...*and*, of course, the standard Japanese payment methods that no other Western retailer will provide

...until November 2018 (ironically, right after the Kickstarter had already gone live!) when BOOTH allowed sellers to retrieve their payouts via PayPal, which thus allowed for the overseas market.

That is a *very big deal* and I probably don't have enough words to explain why.

And for a long time, for someone in the West this blockage went two ways. Any payment provider that took standard Japanese methods like convenience store or bank payment required a Japanese bank account, and would be unusable to a Westerner...

It was one of my biggest regrets during the MEIKO compi Kickstarter -- we did have a number of Japanese backers, but we also had a number who professed to be literally incapable of supporting it for this reason. The only other option was being lucky enough to go to VoPara...

My reason for putting it on there was just a test to see if it works, mainly in the interest of future prospects, because you see...

...A large percentage of the Japanese audience can't use credit card or PayPal.
And by extension, any service that uses it (like Bandcamp).

So, I listed You, in the Endless Starlight on BOOTH yesterday. If you live in the US or Canada I absolutely do not recommend you get it from there, because the shipping is calculated on the assumption you live in Japan...

Hello, do you have any tips to grow up as a vocaloid producer? I mean...like having solid fans, views, people who… — The question here is, what do you want popularity *for*? Your strategy here depends on what your definition of po… curiouscat.me/Lystrialle/post/

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