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I LOVE when bad movies try to introduce "cool" characters, all the schoolgirls idolizing a 35 year old dressed like a cutrate Madonna

I get creeped out by Maude mouthing Fairuza Balk's lines, I know child actors have a hard time acting but it's so unsettling

How many people would pay good money to be reprimanded by Diana Rigg in 1986

The thing about the 80s is, all music for kids was like this

The green screen work in this is *chef's kiss*

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‪If you’d like to donate directly to BSO, we’re certainly not going to stop you.‬


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Dinner beef 

Yesssssss it came out pretty good 🎉

The time for green foods is over, the time for brown foods is now

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I challenged myself to draw a new thing every day this week and boy are my arms tired

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Hey! You! Want to help #Fiona relief efforts in Puerto Rico? Want to get an incredible shirt @Louisa designed while you’re at it?

Then check out this link! 100% of the proceeds from sales of this shirt go to Brigada Solidaria del Oeste, which works on disaster relief efforts in the hardest-hit region of the island:

Back at it again with T-SHIRTS 🎉

@lnpgaceta and I made a new one to support Brigada Solidaria del Oeste ( ) aiding Hurricane Fiona relief! Featuring a coquí, the tiny frog native to Puerto Rico, and the loudest frog in the world (with a little creative license to give it 🇵🇷 colors)

So you see how "it might be small but it sings very loudly" applies

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If you'd like to help #HurricaenFiona relief efforts *and* get an excellent shirt, 100% of proceeds on the sale of this :lnp: design (by artistic director @Louisa, natch) go to Brigada Solidaria del Oeste (, an island organization working to help the communities hardest-hit by the hurricane.



I'm making a classic roast beef because it's been a while

It's really hard to get good results from (relatively) cheap beef like eye of round, but I gotta try, I need some beef and potatoes and gravy

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I kind of wanted this to look like Lyn Severance art, she did the Ben & Jerry's Cookbook and their older package designs, but there's definitely a touch of Peter Max in there too

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🎶 well it's a
nice day for a
big pumpkin 🎶

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