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imagining this guy rolling up to his barber like garçon yes i would like "the waluigi"

Pork belly and rice 

I made kakuni (sweet and salty braised pork belly) with rice, pickled carrots and cabbage, and a ramen egg (lightly marinated in mirin and soy sauce)

Well now I might have to learn what the baseball positions are called, I'm already in over my head

Heh, why have a grilled cheese, when you could have chilled grease

Oh wait no

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Also, while we're at this:

The :lnp: broadcast team is proud to announce that @Louisa is joining the booth as principal co-commentator!

While other fans will still join in now and then, and Dro will still handle any Spanish broadcasts, we couldn't be happier that she's signed on.

Pokémon Snap 

Hey, goddammit: give me slots for more than one Pokémon (like Vivillon) that have different physical forms, are you telling me that with over a dozen color patterns I have to pick the ONE where it happened to be on a tree just because it's closer

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If you would like to help us be able to do sandwiches every Saturday and only do snack packs on Wednesdays, feel free to visit and donate! Also, ION has started a Patreon for their prisoner outreach to help deal with any costs associated with the new communication system the jail has going and to pay for the post office box used previously and still use for prison outreach

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Sometimes the headline editor looks at the story and knows this is the moment they have been waiting for all thier lives


Oh no what if the haxx0rs find out when my periods are

A.I. will never be able to tell that a beautiful young woman avatar is actually a bot the way humans can, there's just that certain "this was stolen from Instagram and photoshopped to hell" look

I mean they're usually named Ashlee65684367 too, but still

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Egg sandwich 

I've become the type of old person who has a very specific way to make sandwiches

Soft roll, faces toasted in a little bit of butter until golden brown, an egg with a splash of half & half, a few spoonfuls of parmesan, salt & pepper scrambled up, then some hoagie spread (hot pepper-vinegar relish)

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I want ASMR that's just all Rod Serling's Twilight Zone monologues strung together

It's 46° outside and I am thriving*

*still exhausted

You ever start to read a thread and think the person is making a great point, and then realize they're making the exact opposite point

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