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The Mummy (1999) 

Rewatched it for the first time since I saw it in the theater, and it really holds up as a jump-scare, gross-out horror(?) movie

It's as much action as horror and there's not many moments of drawn out tension, so it doesn't bother me like horror movies usually do (but I do mute the TV whenever someone's about to get attacked)

I like that Brendan Fraser's character is simply firing two guns at all times, for every situation, including into a sandstorm

All y'all ultranerds doing your taxes early, I bet you did your weekend homework Friday afternoon too

I simply plan on dying before there are any consequences

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enjoy how old recipes are like "take sym good flour, and sym good egge" like what was the alternative? bad flour? swamp eggs?

What she says: I'm fine

What she's thinking: bird Pokémon use the move Big Pecks, haha

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getting banned from the horticulture department by obstinately referring to the famous banana cultivar as Nasty Mike

"People love Pikachu too much, shit. Fuck

No wait we can make this work don't worry" —Game Freak

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In the real world Everything Becomes Crab, but in Pokémon it's Everything Becomes Electric Mouse, really makes you think

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shhhh I know three Louisa songs for my trap"

Pokémon Sword/Shield spoilers 

I'm on the Isle of Armor, and I have Kubfu, but I heard I should have it around level 70 before going to its evolution tower, so I'm just roaming around, collecting new Pokémon and killing those sweet XP goldmine Chanseys

I'm already excited for the other part of the DLC because I see there's some cool new horses, although you can only choose ONE of them apparently

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If I organize my Pokémon boxes carefully it feels less like I'm throwing my redundant Pokémon into a dumpster, which is what I'm doing

You ever think how many good jokes you have at the ready, the other person just needs to respond in the expected way to the first joke, but they don't, so it's dust in the wind

Snake Post Office Post Art 

A bit of fake history for the Snake Post Office, because I love imaginary artifacts

These were all carved by me from linoleum, and printed with Speedball ink (some colors were blended)

Here's some real info on fancy cancels that inspired these ones

If you're attracted to men and you can watch Who Framed Roger Rabbit without falling a little bit in love with Eddie Valiant, I don't know what to tell you

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I was going to do my taxes today" to make a zine

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Bringing in a Designated Hitter to do all the stealth quests in RPGs

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