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I dreamt that someone who used to be here was doing stand-up comedy in a train station

Their main bit was how it's impossible to get those flavor powders to dissolve in water and the audience loved it

Drank a cup of brain poison*, and now we wait


A new type of guy, a type of guy who invented Texas toast

Dragon Quest XI 

What's with that sad mermaid love story though

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Me: haha I have a great idea for a post, as soon as I finish catching up on the TL

Me: wait what was that idea again

Me: what idea

Grammar gripe 

I hate the word addicting, I will never stop using addictive

Every blog recipe for junk food says "it's sooooo addicting!" and I always hear it in a Kim Kardashian voice, addic-TEEEEENG

Everyone's making me crave Steak n' Shake

I want it to still be like 4am and I'm curled up in bed with cartoon Zs coming out of my mouth

Waking up late with a headache, but still without getting enough sleep: how are my friends doing

Everyone: BAD

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I'm going to make cookies with toffee bits, so today I made the toffee bits

The subtext of everything I do now is "but could a depressed person do THIS"

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Sometimes you eat dinner at 9, it's ok

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i love being a princess in an early 3d videogame. time to put on my pink ballgown and start another day of fulfilling my royal obligations (standing motionless at the geographical centre of my incredibly ugly and featureless grey fortress)

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Raspberry mustard 

My mustard seeds arrived, it's happening 🎉

I used @Pixley 's recipe

The only change was homemade raspberry cordial (fresh raspberries, sugar, vinegar) that I made back in September in place of the wine/beer/water liquid

I'll see how it's doing in a couple of days

The only TikToks I see come to me the way the universe intended: on Discord, my brother sends me a link to them on Twitter

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some of you spend too much time thinking about video games and not enough time thinking about video dames

When I play video games real late I always have to turn the sound way down shhhhh don't tell Louisa

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