@jk @foggy uhhhhhhhhhh well, they seem to be having a lot of fun

@soybomb43 that reference is so unfamiliar that I stared at this reply for a while before I figured out what it was connected to

don't open this if you're a millennial, I'm warning you 

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@Louisa Can't find mine but probably it's just this one playlist I would listen to while playing Burnout Paradise: open.spotify.com/playlist/11Jt

@nsmckinnon I feel like I yell a lot more now than I did 8 months ago, at this rate by 2021 I'll just be breaking chairs on people's backs as my main form of communication

@nsmckinnon why are you boosting this, now I'm mad again

@foggy @jk I still know nothing about this person/band

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@Louisa Mine, minus classical music that I use for religious rituals:
Everyday, Buddy Holly
Out the Trunk, Fashawn
Dance of Death, Andrew Bird
I Heard it Through the Grapevine, Marvin Gaye
Let Her Dance, the Bobby Fuller Four
Biggest Part of Me, Ambrosia
The Boxer, Emmylou Harris
Non Dimenticar, Connie Francis
Just Dropped In, Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings
You Said Something, PJ Harvey
Cruel, St Vincent
Suzanne, Nina Simone
Beyond the Sea, Bobby Darin
Rhythm of my Heart, Rod Stewart

@tessaracked yay! Some good songs for singing on this one

@jk this is the least surprising thing that's ever happened

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