@bryceyoungquist I'm at the point just after the really big disaster, and I'm already kicking myself for not seeing more of the world "before"

I'm playing too much Dragon Quest XI, but I'm kind of hoping I can teach myself a lesson in the vein of "you want a cigarette? Ok then smoke the whole pack"

Heart full of hope, mouth full of Junior Mints

@RobinHood [Robin adjusts the "craftsmanship" to "riling up the bottoms" ratio with a big wrench]

Wanna hear me on the middle of these games, the one with the Ingenieros playing? I don't know shit about baseball and I'm not very smart! allpro.social/@lnpgaceta/10556

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if there’s one thing we can say for certain it’s that this world is just totally 100% full up with guys

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Despite the crud afflicting our main announcer, we're still on for tonight's games.

1. #PeregrinosHOR :peregrinos: vs. #CorsosYAU :corsos:
2. #IngenierosRIN :ingenieros: vs. #CerrosJAY :cerros:
3. #MetropolitanosSJU :metropolitanos: vs. #LobosARE :lobos:

first pitch 7:00 PM EDT


@breakfastgolem now you know what costume to wear when ComicCon starts back up

@Pixley @Thomas it's the only thing I ever remember about him, but it's perfect because it tells me not to trust him

Finn did you know she was married to a guy named 

@finn Mutt

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@Pixley @Thomas I remember Roeper going on Late Night with Conan O'Brien and saying he thought the Muppets sucked and fully expecting the audience to laugh and cheer, which they did not

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