Tater Tots and onion gravy 

Guess what it's great

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Some of the sausages I made 

Yesssss they came out just how I wanted, this is great

Yes, I am VERY interested in learning more thank you

Raw sausages 

I know people don't pay as much attention to alts like @Louisa but I'm really proud of these sausages, they took forever but I learned a lot for future sausage making

Food + boring sexism 

I'm making sausages today if my stuffing tubes arrive, I was looking for advice on that but I didn't expect to find I'm just one sausage making session away from being a grown man

One of the joys of being at this goddamn Faraday cage of a laundromat is people's avatars don't load, so Toot! just shows me a little grey picture of the plant/animal/thing that it randomly assigned to them

The best one is @PostMasterGeneral


Sometimes you eat dinner at 9, it's ok

Steak & brussels sprouts 

Air fryer "roasted" brussels sprouts, they came out pretty well! The recipe called for a butter-shallot sauce but I just put some lemon juice and parmesan on them

And half a strip steak, like I would have for dinner every single day if it was feasible

I did the cool new Picrew that lets you be anything you can imagine

Look at my lovely holiday card from Amory @pisscotheque ! It may be 10pm but I only just remembered to check the mail, thank you!!

Today is the 5th anniversary of my podcast, and my cohosts continue to be the best

I don't know if these photos are grabbed in some automated process but this is definitely not the guest who has a podcast where he eats fast food

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