This one guy 

I thought Ichabod Crane's young assistant looked familiar, he's young Nucky Thompson

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Halloween costume 

Hehehee my things arrived

It's a video game costume, there's enough info here to guess if you already know the character, I still have to construct a lot of it of course, and I'll be using some clothing and craft supplies I already have

I wish when I filled in my eyebrows I didn't always feel like this

October prompt doodles 

Number four: Multiple Identities

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KitKats from Japan 

I got apple pie KitKats in a treat box a friend sent me and they're the fucking greatest

I'm down to 3 so I have to savor them

October prompt doodles (murder, but suicide vibes) 

Number two: Behind the Curtain

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October prompt doodles 

Ok I'm doing this because they're interesting and there aren't that many of them, important criteria for me

Edward Gorey is the gold standard for this kind of thing of course; I'm just trying not to copy his style

I'm doing them quickly with no do-overs because trying to get something right to the point of not making anything at all is definitely a weakness of mine

Spooky cookies 

Ok so I did a bad job with my piping, but they taste great

These are espresso flavored shortbread cookies, I think I need to chill them again before baking so they don't spread

Semisweet and white chocolate decorations

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Whoa look at my cool new Felixsunflower designs by @shade that just arrived!!

I gotta wear this jacket soon and show off (the navy and pale green moth matches a navy and pale green L pin I've had for a while, it's kismet), and I gotta find a place for my new stickers

Check it out:

Good news, I've let everyone down by just turning it into a lil ghost

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I got some Halloween cookie cutters and I love them except for this punkass "spider", I wonder if I can bend that one into something better with jewelry pliers


Don't yank my chain I need this, I need this to be true

I really like the Halloween clothes that are showing up now

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