Egg sandwich 

I love that my tamagoyaki pan is also exactly the right size to toast a small hoagie roll

Then you just scramble an egg with some cheese in there, and put it on the roll with hoagie spread (spicy minced peppers and vinegar)

Shrimp again 

My problem is wanting to make something new with my ingredients all the time

Indonesian style fried rice (lime juice, soy sauce, molasses, garlic, shallots, peppers, and there should be fish sauce but I'm all out) with seared shrimp and pineapple


Hey this recipe was great, I recommend it

(I also recommend doubling the sauce, but I always recommend that)


I've never liked beer because the bitterness is way too much for me, so I just now thought: do they make beer without hops?

Short answer: not really
Long answer: fuck you Louisa

Ah shoot, now I'll never get this totally legit package I wasn't expecting, that is definitely real

Taters & chicken 

I made the recipe, it's delicious

I didn't have fresh oregano, so I used dill instead, it's pretty subtle but good

The chicken is from a rotisserie chicken, so the skin was already dark

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Tahdig & chickencocker 

This was just what I wanted

Tahdig (Persian stuck-pot rice, fluffy and white at the top but it forms a crunchy brown crust with butter at the bottom) with some rotisserie chicken, tomatoes, and yogurt with fried cumin seeds, fresh dill and cilantro

Crunchy rice with creamy yogurt is a very good combo

Leftovers remix 

Mushroom couscous and persillade (parsley sauce) from dinner, with soft boiled eggs

Pokémon Sword/Shield spoilers 

I'm on the Isle of Armor, and I have Kubfu, but I heard I should have it around level 70 before going to its evolution tower, so I'm just roaming around, collecting new Pokémon and killing those sweet XP goldmine Chanseys

I'm already excited for the other part of the DLC because I see there's some cool new horses, although you can only choose ONE of them apparently

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Snake Post Office Post Art 

A bit of fake history for the Snake Post Office, because I love imaginary artifacts

These were all carved by me from linoleum, and printed with Speedball ink (some colors were blended)

Here's some real info on fancy cancels that inspired these ones

John Wayne Gacy 

I feel like Peacock should be paying damages to Danny McBride for this ad campaign that reminds people how much he looks like JWG


Plans and schemes

Pickling brine with: red cabbage for color; a sliced garlic clove, a handful of fresh dill, and some peppercorns for flavor

We'll see tomorrow!

Blueberry buns 

It's very hard to get dry mix-ins to stick to oily dough, as you'll know if you've ever made chewy chocolate chip cookies with melted butter

These buns smell great and I think they'll taste good, but they've really made it clear they don't like my attempts to add dried blueberries

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