Buy something with this frog I drew, the artist proceeds are going to hurricane Fiona relief

The shirts have the words, the magnets and stickers are just the frog 🇵🇷

"Now I really want to draw a skull...bat, or like a Shit I'm doing it again" —Me

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Linocut exchange, fourth batch! 

I'm getting the international ones now! The creators (identified by Instagram names):

13) Listen to Your Own Tune, @katrinbechhold
14) Untitled, @inkygroove
15) Swanning About, @paulrickard_printmaker
16) The Original Printer's Devil, @atlanaw

Only 5 left to receive, assuming none are lost in the mail 🤞

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Dinner beef 

Yesssssss it came out pretty good 🎉

The time for green foods is over, the time for brown foods is now

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Back at it again with T-SHIRTS 🎉

@lnpgaceta and I made a new one to support Brigada Solidaria del Oeste ( ) aiding Hurricane Fiona relief! Featuring a coquí, the tiny frog native to Puerto Rico, and the loudest frog in the world (with a little creative license to give it 🇵🇷 colors)

So you see how "it might be small but it sings very loudly" applies

This is my process:

-staring at reference photos
-drawing something in pencil, usually on graph paper, then redrawing the lines 10 times
-watching YouTube videos about doll makeovers
-trying to figure out which were the good lines when I get out the ink pens
-erasing the pencil
-scanning it
-watching YouTube videos about food
-taking out everything but the ink in baby's first art program (Pinta)
-drawing the colors on it with a mouse because I don't have a tablet
-uploading it

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I kind of wanted this to look like Lyn Severance art, she did the Ben & Jerry's Cookbook and their older package designs, but there's definitely a touch of Peter Max in there too

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Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom thoughts 

There's a lot of speculation about who this figure with the big ears is, but the 7 flames/swirls/gems around them are interesting! Gathering 7 of something is standard LoZ stuff and I love it, I thought BotW was perfect but I wouldn't mind more quests, maybe with dungeons

And the symbol is two snakes devouring each other, maybe this game involves time travel? Or more than one protagonist (hopefully Zelda)? Ooh

[DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince voice] Supper supper suppertime 

It's nice when I have some rotisserie chicken already and I can just heat that up (works perfectly in the air fryer, the whole piece gets warmed up and the skin gets crispy in 3 minutes) and make a side dish

Like lemon garlic potatoes!

I've been adding things to my Threadless shop! I'd say it's for Halloween but I make stuff like this year round 🎃

I'll keep this thread updated with designs as I make them!

Linocut exchange, third batch! 

The creators (all Instagram names, with one exception):

9) Toad!, @loringpress
10) Untitled, @badartbyamy
11) [I can't make out the handwriting], @houseplant.sketchbook
12) Leafy Sea Dragon, @gaitsi

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I bought a bag of Minions memes at the grocery store


I think we know the answer: if anyone talks shit about one of them, the other goes buckwild and makes a huge scene and then they probably go back home and have incredible sex

Whoa I just found out about Goodyear's Illuminated Neothane Glow-Tyres (from the 60s and never actually produced because they were very expensive and unsafe)

Here's the prototype car they're on:

Ooblets game 

Clomper the little goat creature is my favorite Ooblet, I have the common and the uncommon, and I just got the ultra-rare "gleamy" version, which just so happens to be my favorite color 🤩

You think one of the 300+ people commenting on the Justin McElroy YouTube video where he plays his guitar and sings a song could say something more helpful than "omg Ani Difranco!"

But Google was there for me

Linocut exchange, the second batch! 

They've been trickling in, it's nice to see a new one every day

The creators (these are all Instagram names):

5) After Years of Waiting, Nothing Came, @iffy_at_best
6) Untitled, @funtimeastromouse
7) Stay Magical, @liz_makes_prints
8) Pie, @kirkrcarter

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Some of the snacks 

The Pumpkin Cranberry Crisps are really good with salty things, they're like barely sweet biscotti

The cinnamon toscano cheese (Trader Joe's has toscano seasoned a few different ways, I think the name is made up but it tastes like a young pecorino or aged cheddar) is really good, I bet it'd be great with apples too

The kalamata olives are perfect as is, and the cappocollo is from an Italian charcuterie pack, good and peppery

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The BotW sequel has a name 

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

As soon as I saw the moblins I shrieked

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