I've been adding things to my Threadless shop! I'd say it's for Halloween but I make stuff like this year round 🎃

I'll keep this thread updated with designs as I make them!


I kind of wanted this to look like Lyn Severance art, she did the Ben & Jerry's Cookbook and their older package designs, but there's definitely a touch of Peter Max in there too

This is my process:

-staring at reference photos
-drawing something in pencil, usually on graph paper, then redrawing the lines 10 times
-watching YouTube videos about doll makeovers
-trying to figure out which were the good lines when I get out the ink pens
-erasing the pencil
-scanning it
-watching YouTube videos about food
-taking out everything but the ink in baby's first art program (Pinta)
-drawing the colors on it with a mouse because I don't have a tablet
-uploading it

@breakfastgolem that's what started the whole thing!

I made a doodle of a sexy shark and put it on here to be funny, and people said "no but for real I'd wear it" and here we are 🎉

@Louisa I think it rocks, unfortunately not in my shirt size. But I love the design.

@Capheind thank you! (Just fyi, the different fits have different size ranges, and the Classic goes from S-5XL)

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