I'm still awake and you need to know that the best environmental storytelling possible is ghosts who still have whatever killed them going on in their ghost form thank you

There are scary examples (The Sixth Sense) and grimly funny examples (the afterlife waiting room in Beetlejuice), and every time I just want to look at the ghosts and try to guess what happened and then hear their backstory instead of watching the movie plot

@DelphineUnseen surrounded by floating tea cakes and knives and guns just to cover all the bases

@Louisa This reminds me of my musings on ghost linguistics.

Because language changes over time. So do ghosts change how they speak? How well do they understand other ghosts from different times never mind different places?

@bright_helpings that's a great question! I like how they dealt with it on the comedy series Ghosts, where all the ghosts can be pretty well understood by the living protagonist, because they have nothing but time so the newer ghosts taught the older ones modern(ish) English

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