Extremely important question: are there other examples of a music video for a song from a movie, where the singer romances a character from the movie played by the same actor, besides El DeBarge + Stephanie Speck or MC Hammer + Morticia Addams

Listen, I know you're thinking of the Bailamos video but Enrique Iglesias kisses a beautiful dancer and NOT the giant steampunk spider

@Louisa would you call the dancing with the cgi alien in the MIB video romantic?

@Louisa yeah it was a reach, I can't think of very many music videos of movies period

@robotcarsley one of my favorite genres of music video in the 80s

@Louisa I wouldn't say it's romancing... but it's almost in the same realm (maybe?)
- I'm remembering the Coolio video where he raps at Michelle Pfieffer's character from Dangerous Minds.
I guess he's more...hovering? It's kind of strange now that I rewatched it?

@Cyannin oh yeah! Doesn't she come in and sit down backwards on a chair like she's HERE TO TEACH but then just listens to him rap? Very weird

@Louisa and like the movie was her teaching high schoolers but in the video she's being rapped at by a 32-year old? Plus shots of L.V.'s face in profile for extra dramatic effect. It's worth rewatching just for the bizarre moody 90s aesthetic.

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