[digging a big pit and covering it with leaves]

What's so great about Linux anyway? Does anyone have any strong opinions about it?

@Louisa I want to boost this but I like you too much to do that to you

@touk @carithlee my secret is,,,,,,, sometimes I log off for a couple hours and forget I made the post

@carithlee lol sometimes you just gotta shake the hornet's nest a little (I almost never get pedantic replies to posts like this, weirdly they happen when I'm just making a statement about liking a song or something)

@Louisa imagine having opinions about OSes, lol, lmao

@Louisa I have a strong opinion about it and I'm resisting simply because it will involve typing many many words

@gnomon did you see that poll going around about the Wilhelm scream? I'm surprised that most people don't hate it like I do

@Louisa oh gosh, no I didn't see that and now I'm sorry for sending it over. My bad. Won't happen again.

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