It's pretty fucked how Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Tumblr established themselves as places to host your words and pictures so you could share them with others, and now they all lock some or all the things you post there to users only

Yeah it WOULD be nice if you could show me funny videos from Instagram, friend, but you can't and I'm sick of reminding you

@grishka @Louisa why give in to closed silos? It gives them more power and there's not much in there for you.

@grishka @Louisa because that's continuing to enable these companies' monopolising practices forcing you to consent to their obsessive data collection practices and continued monopolisation.

oiyouyeahyou, what use is the little data they manage to collect from you looking at things opened from direct links if you block ads and third-party cookies, which you should be doing either way if you care about privacy?

@Louisa Once they realize they screwed up, people that have left probably won't want to go back.

@flutergork frankly, running up against walls makes it easier to not want to go back, when I could see glimpses of Twitter through people posting links it was more tempting

@Louisa My basic thought on Twitter cross-posts is that if I wanted to see what was cross-posted, I'd go to Twitter to look.

@ranx a lot of things are blanket-flagged as adult regardless of content, it's a nightmare

@Louisa yea that happened to me too, it's because their censor AI is not very I 😉 but it's also possible for users to be available only inside the Tumblr dash and not on the web. The third maybe fourth property change didn't really help to run things smoothly though. they mostly care about useless app stuff and not about the reliability of their network.

That's always the Problem when my Mother sends me something from Facebook

You can't read there anything without an Account

@dhusch @Louisa Yep same. The other thing is that these platforms make it very hard to export and move the content, which can be a lot for some folks. My mom uses Facebook as the place she stores all of her photos. Literally a decade of photos. And there’s no easy way to export it other than a complicated data dump that she wouldn’t know how to navigate / put somewhere else.

So the whole “share your life moments with family!” draw is also a significant lock-in.

@Louisa This is why Elon needs to hurry up and buy Twitter and shut it down. Or just drive it into the ground, that works too.

This!! I read an article recently that stated how important internet privacy is. The author asked “would you be comfortable posting family pictures on your front lawn for all your neighbors to see?I thought- yes - I would. I’m willing to share my life. If others prefer privacy just get offline. So on one end .. Instagram/FB/Twitter disingenuously “protects you” from general public eyes without accounts but what’s another option? I want to share freely and nourish friendships. How?

@Louisa this is one of the reasons I quit.

All the time, energy and knowledge that I wasted to create content on a closrd Plattform...

@Sibylle it's really a shame, especially for artists etc who built their presence on those platforms in hopes of being more noticable to buyers— now the work they've put in is invisible to search engines


Excellent topic by the way. Thank you for bringing this up

@Louisa They've convinced pretty much every business in France of this, and it's just wildly inaccessible.

@Louisa Or recommend me songs on Spotify. It doesn't work, folks!

@Louisa of course, the real answer is to go to another service and break the monopolistic stranglehold.

@Louisa Not being on those services has really isolated me from old friends and family. But it’s been peaceful and I’ve met new people since. So don’t miss being on Facebook. Sad how people forgot my birthday because I didn’t post on any social media too. What happened to writing things down and call or texting someone wishes?

@DarkWraithLord @Louisa How many people other than your parents and best friend remembered your birthday before Facebook? It is just more evidence of how shallow any social media focused relationship really is. 85 happy birthday notes seems great, until you realize 83 of those people won't remember it in 48 hours. They just mindlessly clicked a button.

@chrisod @Louisa If it’s not posted anywhere, it didn’t happen to these people.

@Louisa well, now I can do it from PixelFed, right? (but not everyone has that)

@calculsoberic I hope it works, I haven't tried PixelFed myself but it's a good idea

@calculsoberic @Louisa my #1 goal for pixelfed is actually right up this alley: I want a "text cashapp to send without an account" style subscription option for friends and family. Like I sign my aunt up for my pixelfed mailing list and she gets a weekly digest in her email or something, and she can reply or click Like without logging in. I feel that'd be far superior to Facebook.

@Louisa @wilbr @calculsoberic I think this is an awesome idea. Idk how difficult it would be to implement but it’s definitely worth considering

@pixelfed @dansup

@wilbr that is a *great* idea! I would think it could be done somehow. @Louisa

@Louisa as a cumbersome workaround, yt-dlp works as a way of extracting videos from these sites (e.g. Instagram) in order to be able to share elsewhere

@emacsomancer @Louisa hopefully they'll find a way around the "sign in to confirm your age" stuff too

@Louisa *extremely foss voice* aha! you are posting about things. this is an invitation to jump uninvited into your menchies

@finn @Louisa simply set up a reverse double proxy unlisted account for maximum opsec

@phillyis @finn @Louisa if I were mad that I can't see content without creating an account, I would simply create an account so I could see the content. Don't really get why I had to be the one to tell you that.

@robotcarsley @phillyis @finn interesting, I'd simply set up my own FOSS alternative to every website, and trust all my friends and family to move there and fully understand it

@Louisa @robotcarsley @phillyis it's so simple!! everybody has the spare time and energy to understand new technologies!! no i don't know what accessibility is

@finn let's brainstorm some not very practical solutions to this problem and really hash it out

@Louisa yeah it's like... we've reached critical user mass so we'll make life hell for everyone without an account (*stares down Twitter in annoyance*)

@Louisa Can't help but get the impression that Twitter is getting especially desperate to keep itself relevant with it's ridiculous account begging.

@Louisa afaik tumblr's locking is still voluntary on the poster's end, though i think it's on a per-account basis rather than post

@carcinopithecus all I know is I saw accounts that sometimes had nudity very upset that other accounts were being locked for nudity, and I don't know what happened to them after that because they were indeed locked just like they feared

@Louisa Instagram is the worst, the way they handle traffic from bridges like Bibliogram is *extremely* limiting 😭

@Louisa every time i open insta links all i see is some json error. which is nice, because i just can skip over all links, as they won't work (for me), anyways 😄

@Louisa It's nice that Nitter and CloudTube/Invidious exist as a workaround on seeing content from those platforms.

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