anyhoo, an alien lands near your house and asks you to show them one human movie or tv show, what do you show them?


@Taweret Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Then you say "you really need the lights off to get the full experience", then around the mashed potato scene you're like "ehh this is kind of boring, sorry... hey I bet you're tense from all that interplanetary travel, let me massage your shoulders", and see where it goes

@Louisa @Taweret I see one flaw with your plan, and that's that the mashed potato scene is the best part of that movie

@witchfynder_finder @Louisa everyone stop trying to fuck the aliens. geez, i can't take you people anywhere

@Taweret @witchfynder_finder @Louisa
Okay but if we have a handshake moment with a vulcan I didn't know he'd take it that way.

@witchfynder_finder @Taweret lol that's true, BUT, you can say it right after that

@Taweret I'm laughing my ass off thinking about trying to seduce an alien, which in my mind looks exactly like one of the 3 foot tall rubber greys from Spirit Halloween

@Louisa even if that's what they look like, if they landed people would still compete to see who could be the first to fuck one

@Louisa and you won't be able to google anything without seeing alien porn

@Louisa @t54r4n1 @Taweret
Las Adventuras of Buckaroo Bonzai in Spanish. Ask them if they've seen John Bigboote along their travels.

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