@radicalrobit I'm imagining once step 7 succeeds I'll be driving up to some huge McMansion on the Philadelphia mainline and telling the guy who lives there that he thinks he owns 4 area Olive Gardens, but in fact the one on Kirkwood Highway is mine now

@Louisa I really want to know - besides you know, just everything with this - how they think franchising works because buying the parent company does not automatically grant them ownership of franchised locations.

@radicalrobit the fucked up thing is, I'm sure a percentage of them have enough money to just literally buy an Olive Garden franchise if that's the ideal outcome

Like, Olive Garden WANTS you to give them money and open more Olive Gardens

@Louisa but what's the point if you can't make it needlessly stupid with blockchain?

@radicalrobit hmmm that's true, so who can say if it's a good idea or not

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