I'm watching Little Shop of Horrors for the first time in decades, and damn that Audrey II puppet is incredible

Every size of it as it's growing, the way it moves its head and mouth and lips, the textures and colors and the inside of its mouth, you couldn't come close to this quality with CGI but I also don't think most creative studios could come close using 2021 puppetry tech

Me as a kid: yeah of course Audrey II is realistic, its real

Me at age 42: fuck, Audrey II is REAL

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How did they do this, y'all... like: if it's that big you'd think the weight of the foam latex would make it slow and floppy, if it's small and they used forced perspective or other tricks, how is it so delicately articulated

Is there stop motion involved? It moves very smoothly though

I love practical effects I can figure out, but maybe I love the ones I can't even more

@Louisa Doesn't it hold up perfectly? It would all be digital now, and it would look it too.

@sullybiker I love the effects where you can see the seams, basically, but this one is really flawless

@Louisa Dependent on the show, I don't always like to know because the knowledge breaks the suspension of disbelief for me.

@Louisa I really enjoy watching Band of Brothers, but there's a making-of short on the DVD and I wish I hadn't seen it because your mind looks for certain things once it knows they are there.

@Louisa Imagine knowing all the snow scenes were indoors...that sort of thing.

@Louisa Also walked the exterior sets years ago, the location is now a park.

@Louisa VFX are so difficult I'm amazed at how talented people are. Even set dressers and costumes, there's so much scope for fucking it up.

@Louisa oh I know the answer to this! It _is_ floppy, but they hid the effect and made it look organic by filming at normal speed and then doubling it in post.

But in every scene where Rick Moranis interacts with Audrey II he basically had to perform every motion, take every breath, move every eye line at half speed to sell the effect. Audrey II steals every scene, of course, but Moranis made it work by basically being superhuman

@gnomon ooh very clever! They all make it look perfect

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