The Illinois Department of Public Health has a very comprehensive drop-down menu for picking your preferred language, which is good, except that it is so comprehensive that it includes "English, Middle (1100-1500)" and "English, Old (ca. 400-1100)" right under English, also there's "Egyptian (Ancient)", "German, Old High ca. 1050-1500", "Irish, Old (to 900)", "Low Saxon", and, maybe most perplexingly, "Indo-European languages"


@Pixley can a skald sing to me about food safety practices

@Louisa "yes hello I only absorb medical advice in saga form, you'll need to make arrangements"

@Pixley Hark thys sound advyse! If gud foode waiting for ye feast-tyme be/ mind well yt sits notte betwixt 40 and 140 degrees

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