A website selling soap: your password is WEAK, you should try again with capital letters and lower case letters and numbers and special characters and no English words

My literal bank: whoa whoa whoa, you can't put special characters in your password! Who do you think you are, the Riddler


it really is ridiculous whenever you run into a site that tells you "oh no you can't put these kinds of characters in your password!"

I won't bore you with the details but if they're doing their tech security shit correctly, literally any character whatsoever should work fine and it shouldn't matter at all on their end

@SeanAloysiusOBrien it's extremely frustrating, I keep forgetting my bank password *because* I forget it's not one of the "strong" passwords I like to use because they won't allow it


yeah, not to be *that person* but I can't recommend password managers enough, takes a little effort to set up (getting existing credentials into it) but once you do it's life changing

@SeanAloysiusOBrien Well... I started using Bitwarden like a month ago and the process wasn't difficult at all (probably because I already used Firefox's Lockwise)

@SeanAloysiusOBrien @Louisa As someone who's actually implemented password login, I can tell you there's only a few people smart enough to do passwords securely, and I'm not one of them.

That's why one should use one of the proven password algorithms (which don't care which characters you input). These are readily available.

@Louisa mine only allows very specific special characters, none of which is an exclamation mark (but the question mark is totally fine)

@infernusgoatus @Louisa the computer is fragile and cannot cope with shouting

@Louisa the day I noticed my bank password isn’t case sensitive still haunts me

@prehensile @Louisa my bank is like this too. and then piles another 2 factors of authentication on top of it, because obviously quantity beats quality

@Louisa Good passwords can be easy to remember, too. Use a line or two from a song, poem or quotation you like, and use the first letter of each word, introducing uppercase letters, digits for certain words, and punctuation... You can even write the qhotation down somewhere, as a memory jogger.

@dave yeah, and then you have a good password that meets the "strong" requirements everywhere, but your bank won't let you use any special characters

@Louisa please do not break the mainframe standards made in 1970, it's a vital part of our infrastructure

@Louisa yeah, that? That will break it. Please stop, you're gonna cause an outage

@Louisa every bank runs on software that was written in the 60s

@BDA maybe they could stop building branches no one ever visits in shopping center parking lots, and spend that money elsewhere

@Louisa none of them have any idea how the thing actually works anymore they just know they have to feed more blade servers to the blinkenlights god or feel his wrath

@Louisa need some of AvE's "This Apparatus Predates Safety" stickers to slap on banking systems, but they should read "This COBOL Software Predates Security"

@Louisa I had a super strong password and then one day my bank said "that's wrong" and it turns out they changed their password policy to alphanumeric only. It had special characters before... Still baffled by that decision.

@Louisa imagining your bank talking in a Vernon T. Waltrip accent from O Brother Where Art Thou

@InternetEh challenging customers to a fistfight if they're overdrawn

@Louisa Me, pissed: "You want me to have a secure password but you won't take 3rᏇ🚛\消$🥠X趙 as a password? Your password rules are bullshit."

@Louisa Well of course a website selling soap is cleaner than the website of a bank.

(but state of things is still doomed)

@Louisa @abs the office payroll processor let me make a secure password and then changed their policy to disallow entering special characters in the password field 👿


My bank: please use this virtual keyboard to enter your password because we care about your security.

Also my bank: sorry your password cannot be longer than 8 characters or use anything other than a-z 0-9.

@shahaan "and sometimes we'll lock you out after 3 wrong tries, but sometimes we won't"

@Louisa This is the bane of my fucking existence. A bank that I have to do business with also limits passwords to no more than 12 characters. I just want to scream

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