#looptober 3, on a *gear guy voice* Yamaha PortaSound PSS-130 that can only play two notes at once

#looptober 4, something quick on a VTech Zoo Jamz Xylophone™︎ [real]

#looptober 5, a bit louder, back to my old stomping grounds (FL Studio) 🍓 🧡

#looptober 6, attempted creepy banjo, this didn't really come together nicely but as you can hear a baby was waking up next to me 😬

#looptober 7, it's past midnight but this was super fun PICO-8 practice 😭

#pico8 #picotober #chiptune et al

#looptober 8, library 👏 outdoors 👏 coffee 👏 sleeping baby 👏 public rainbow-colored xylophone 👏

#looptober 9, ok, it was late, this is all I can offer, a #pico8 loop... I resisted the urge to install and start learning a new tracker at 11PM...

#looptober 10, back on the Yamaha PortaSound, just a blues riff while we have some quiet

#looptober 11, another #pico8 practice, ran out of time to flesh this out more 🚦

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