I keep seeing these "innovative small space" bathrooms that think it's useful to have a 2 foot long trough-sink and zero counter space

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Here's another oneโ€” I have so many things in my bathroom, I use 9 products a day in there, not counting toothbrush, contact lens case, hairbrush, or ANY of my makeup

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@Louisa who wants to piss in the Minecraft end stone bathroom

@Louisa no see, if you need to wash your face or brush your teeth or do your hair or makeup you simply stand to the side of the sink and precariously balance your toothpaste, hair products, etc on the one inch sink edge. it should work fine unless all those things fall off and onto the floor which they almost certainly will

@Louisa and you gotta love the translucent wall separating the toilet from the adjacent room

@Louisa wait. hold up. is the reason those panels are translucent that there are no actual lights in the bathroom???

@Taweret if we give people workspaces in spaces that they do work, they'll fill them with clutter, so there will simply be no more workspaces

@Louisa between the sink situation and the translucent wall by the toilet, I think that these designers do not understand how bathrooms are used

@stelepami when you have guests over, everyone can take turns pretending you can't see each other blurrily sitting on the toilet 3 feet from the couch!

@swirlz @Louisa @stelepami everyone casually turning their body away from the glass wall and increasing the volume of conversation

@Louisa I don't understand why you wouldn't make the sink smaller to regain counter space.

@Louisa Is there something people do in their bathrooms that requires a certain volume of standing water in the sink?

@swirlz even assuming they're living the most minimalist lifestyle, where do they keep their toothbrushes? In the sink??

@Louisa @swirlz that whole room is hard surfaces... can you imagine how badly everything is gonna echo


@Louisa I hope there's at least a hand towel hanging just out of sight so people aren't just dripping their way through your house

@Louisa you're not supposed to use the bathroom you're just supposed to photograph it

@Louisa I keep staring at this and finding new things I don't like with it.

Like, "You'd be amazed how many terrible decisions we can fit into this tiny space!"

@diffractie I keep thinking about the Long Sink because it's so clear that a small sink and a foot or two of counter space would be much more useful, I don't get it

@Louisa More useful, and it wouldn't take ages to fill up the sink.

I can't think of anything it would be useful for. No cupboard space below it either by the looks of it.

@diffractie I like an uncluttered space too, but life is so cluttery, we need cabinets and drawers and shelves to make things look uncluttered imo

@Louisa if I ever had any of my old music scene friends over, they would 100% piss in that thing.

@Louisa I am also curious about the art print.

Is that a nearly naked women lying in a pig pen?

@Louisa I think the art behind the toilet is instructional material.

Also do I have to pay more for a toilet that fits two cheeks ๐Ÿค”

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