Coffee and coconut body wash, orange and vanilla shower oil, I'm dressing for the job I want (being a cake)

@Louisa congratulations, you've got the job (of being a cake)

@finn @Louisa

hate how job ads are like "must have at least four years experience being a cake" and it's just for an entry level position being a single cupcake that gets frosted over to make a larger "cake."

@cicatriz_jdr @finn "I've been making pies for 20 years, and wait wait don't hang up"

@breakfastgolem @Louisa @cicatriz_jdr look at this amateur, thinks cakes and pies are the same thing :angry_laugh:

@finn @Louisa @cicatriz_jdr cakes got the frosting (crust)
pies got the crust (hard frosting)
both got the chocolate
pie = cake

@breakfastgolem @Louisa @finn

correct. and cheesecake is an open-face, extra large ravioli.

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