Anyways I walked over to Jerry's Artarama and bought more block printing ink, pink and purple, finally I can make stamps in the colors of my dreams

@Louisa technique question: what's your basic process for making stamps? just carving some kind of rubber blank?

@Louisa i saw those snake post office cancellation ones the other day and have been meaning to ask since then...

@brennen I like these sheets

And I just use Speedball knives and ink, I've tried some fancier knives but didn't like them

I also have some of the "better" burlap-backed hard linoleum, but I didn't enjoy carving it as much, I'll probably try again soon and see if it's easier to get fine details on (which is what I hear about it)

@Louisa nice, thank you! going to have to give this a shot.

i think i remember using the burlap-backed stuff in a highschool art class, and not really being into it, but maybe that was just 'cause it was part of some larger project i didn't much care for.

@brennen yeah, I think I did too! It's fun to try it again with your own tools

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