The Mummy (1999) 

Rewatched it for the first time since I saw it in the theater, and it really holds up as a jump-scare, gross-out horror(?) movie

It's as much action as horror and there's not many moments of drawn out tension, so it doesn't bother me like horror movies usually do (but I do mute the TV whenever someone's about to get attacked)

I like that Brendan Fraser's character is simply firing two guns at all times, for every situation, including into a sandstorm

The Mummy Returns (2001) 

Boy oh boy, after the practical effects I liked so much early on in this movie, the horrendous computer rendered Dwayne Johnson scorpion man is a real kick in the teeth

It's not a bad sequel, I enjoyed watching it, I especially appreciate that the O'Connells are too horny for each other to care about their idiot son

Imhotep and Anck-Su-Namun are also extremely horny, it's a shame making out is illegal in movies now

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The Mummy Returns (2001) 

The first movie featured the main mummy Imhotep, a dozen priest mummies, some royal guard mummies, and a mummy Anck-Su-Namun

This movie features... all of those mummies, mummy Ewok-like creatures that live in a jungle oasis (?), AND the Army of Anubis, who are magically-conjured jackal men, *who for some reason are also mummies*

I can only assume the next movie has every single character as a mummy, but it's not streaming free anywhere so I can never see it

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