You forget with current movies how nice it is to see things really destroyed on screen, and stunt men in flame-retardant suits on fire, jumping through windows

@phillyis I'm watching a mummy-related bus crash, and it's great! They really fucked up that bus!

@Louisa practical effects fun to watch even when they're bad, cgi is boring to watch even when its good and especially when its bad

@Taweret exactly— really destroying one room with squibs to make it seem like machine gun fire is more compelling than a superhero "destroying" a whole building that isn't real

@Taweret @Louisa

I like the _quality_ of modern effects, but it's too EASY now.

Directors are just doing all the stuff that used to be too expensive, even though that makes all their movies the same. (Destroy the Enterprise EVERY time! Why not?)

Solution : CG effects, but filmmakers are required to donate to charity what it would have cost to actually blow up that thing.

@apLundell @Taweret I hate when things look weightless and nothingy, like the transformers in Transformers, just extra bars and gears and wheels flipping out of nowhere when they need to be big

@apLundell @Taweret @Louisa Maybe if the SFX houses finally unionize they’ll better appreciate all the labor isn’t magically free, at least.

@Taweret @Louisa One thing I will give Saw is their stuff was like 99% practical, the only CG I ever spotted was some blood spurts that they didn't want to rig squibs up for and it definitely actually helps the Mood

@Louisa this is one of the reasons we love watching fury road. Good ole practical effects and real vehicles tearing up a desert

@nautilee yes! Very satisfying effects in that movie

@Louisa can you imagine being the stunt guy who had to come at Kevin O'Connor on the boat while his body was on fire? Just wild!

@infernusgoatus ohhhhhhh yes I see

The fire stunts are so wild in that movie, I don't see how they did half of them

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