Fucking, stop making wide and short t-shirts, I don't want to look wider and shorter than I already am!

@Louisa if you MUST make a wide short t-shirt, do not tell me it is a "universally flattering boxy cut" when we all know full well that is a LIE

@Pixley @Louisa nothing says flattering than a burlap sack made of cotton for some reason

@phillyis @Pixley

Me: what if I have a long torso and I just want some longer shirts for sitting around the house without feeling a draft

Fashion industry: no you don't

@Louisa I like this look and even I’m like “please stop, we have enough, please make something long, please”

@neoncoughh any advice for dressing for your body type tells you what to look for, but they never acknowledge that some years no stores will carry that thing you're looking for

@neoncoughh @Louisa just get some linebacker shoulders like me, and nothing is wide on you ever.

Im a problem solver.

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