All y'all ultranerds doing your taxes early, I bet you did your weekend homework Friday afternoon too

I simply plan on dying before there are any consequences

@Louisa does it make me a superultranerd that I aways did my homework the day it was assigned before school got out? I didn't have a free period or anything either, I just didn't pay attention in half my classes

@Louisa Did they push back tax day this year?

I'm hoping the answer is "yes".

@apLundell @Taweret haha boy am I going to be surprised about the consequences of my actions on May 16th

@Louisa @Taweret

Do they still do that thing where the Post Office stays open until midnight on tax day?

Or was that just a pre-digital thing?

I think I would get a lot of satisfaction being the last person to physically hand over my taxes before the stroke of midnight.

@breakfastgolem who knows how it'll be this year, but most years it was so balanced for me that it was $0 either way, so just an hour of paperwork for nothing

@Louisa We always wait until the very last minute so that we can prolong our suffering as long as possible I guess??? I hate every part of this process.

@deneb there's no upside to doing it early! It stinks

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