You ever think how many good jokes you have at the ready, the other person just needs to respond in the expected way to the first joke, but they don't, so it's dust in the wind

@Louisa yes, I think about this all the time, because I’m very funny

@alex sometimes I get out of breath, thinking about how I just thought of the perfect thing to say

@Louisa oh wait no sorry for me it is, "i just have to actually bother talking to them instead of being standoffish looking at my phone daydreaming"

@Louisa @root Whenever someone asks me a knock-knock joke I make sure to answer "come in" just to trip them up.

@Louisa you should just hire a straight man to come with you to public places and set you up for funnies

@Taweret "WHAT'S UPDOG" he projects, in a good loud theater voice

@Louisa Are you me? This is like, the biggest problem in my life!

@Gobophilly haha I didn't have an even better follow-up to the thing I just said, it's fine

@Louisa uh I can do this ummm you sure do follow up? I'm sorry my brain hurts

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