The Dragon Quest franchise really expects you to remember all the games' heroes huh

@Louisa yes and they achieve this by making them all Guys With Coats, and then Making The Coats Different Colors

@Louisa I am partial to Yellow Coat Guy, he also Has A Bandana

@Sissas I went to a lot of trouble to get a special outfit! And now I can dress just like, uh... Erdwin, maybe Erdrick, maybe Roto

@Louisa welp there goes my foolproof system!!!

I actually really love when RPGs change your outfit when you get new armor and stuff. I didn't play that much dragon quest but the ones I played, ooh boy talk about blank canvas

@Sissas that's true! In XI you can only have the characters look like certain outfits, I would love it if it could be all of them

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