One of the joys of being at this goddamn Faraday cage of a laundromat is people's avatars don't load, so Toot! just shows me a little grey picture of the plant/animal/thing that it randomly assigned to them

The best one is @PostMasterGeneral

@Louisa @PostMasterGeneral I know two things about Maine: lobsters live there, and Justin lives there

@PostMasterGeneral my husband really loved Portland when he accidentally ended up there for like five days!

@PostMasterGeneral yeah, and it was nice for him to not have to worry about if like, the oyster bar would have anything for me to eat (I don't eat seafood and he loves it) and just go fuckin hogwild, eat all the monsters of the briny deep


That's how we pitch it at most of the seafood places here, yeah.

@SanfordianPhil @PostMasterGeneral one of Delaware's symbols is the blue hen and my scan assigned me a chicken, if that helps

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