If you make a post inspired by one of my posts, I steal a piece of your soul and grow stronger

@Louisa @ItsJenNotGabby this is bullshiy
i invited you to my WEDDING
you sang a SONG and got TRASHED

@Louisa My Disney post was because of your image caption, please, my soul is too weak

@Louisa *shriveling to dust as I type* Anybody ever see Mulan 2? Any good? Worth watching?

@touk I seal you into one of those big puffy VHS cases that doesn't fit in with the rest of your tape library

@finn the term Captum Animus, is thrown around a lot these days,

@Louisa 1st day pomf pomf

3rd day on Mastodon: death threats louisa jr and u are a perpetual clout machine this is a joke, but also it's tru

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