I never talk about my podcast because I don't want to be pushy, but it's been running for 5 years and I enjoy recording it every week so if you're interested, we just changed formats slightly (it's still 90% just talking about whatever)

If you only want to listen for the first 10 minutes, we discuss our ideas for Super Mario Bros: A Christmas Carol, and really take Tiny Tim down a peg

The reason it's 101 and not 251 is because we changed formats once before, more drastically that time so we started numbering from the beginning again

Our promise is that we will always change formats when we get bored

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@InternetEh haha! I used to mention it once a month or so, but only a few people were ever interested 😁

@Louisa I'm basically a pigeon for new podcasts. I will walk right in the door. Always looking for a new one

@Louisa I like the new format! I had a boss who would get irritated if you mentioned the Prince of Wales or anything named after him because Prince Charles is English and not Welsh. That boss also started

@baturkey thank you! Yeah Jeff was talking a lot of nonsense

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