The NYT gave me a bad brussels sprouts recipe so I am going to sink their offices into the sea

@Pixley the temperature is too high, the time is too long, and the garlic just dehydrates into bitter little chips

@Louisa I can't believe Melissa Clark steered you wrong!! What a bummer!

@Louisa @Pixley I don't know hardly anything about air fryers, but the thing I took away from that article where Bill Oakley and Chris Onstad used them to make frozen junk food was that apparently different brands of fryer vary wildly in the results a given time/temp will yield, even with something as standard as a hot pocket

@robotcarsley @Pixley I believe it, but now that I've looked at more air fryer vegetable recipes they almost all use a lower temperature and less time

@Louisa @Pixley in that case I think we can localize it to the writer being the one who has a weird outlier (outfryer?)

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