Me: haha I have a great idea for a post, as soon as I finish catching up on the TL

Me: wait what was that idea again

Me: what idea

@deneb @Louisa cue “this is your brain” —> “this is your brain on Mastodon” meme

@Ted @Louisa Instead of the frying egg there’s a bripe.

@Ted @Louisa LOL, I’m not sure how to begin to explain the bripe phenomenon. It’s basically an absurd coffee contraption that Amelia @Pixley unleashed on the timeline. It’s part of Mastodon lore now. Also your instance name, is *amazing*.

@deneb @Louisa @Pixley searching for it, I see! I…kinda get it? (: And blame @EpicKitty for bringing life to such a name!

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