It's #MastoSourcedPlaylist day!

Let's Get Under the Covers, Babies!
Over 60 songs performed by people who did not make those songs originally! It's fun!

As always, lemme know if you want to be involved in future lists!


@PostMasterGeneral the song I wanted to add not being on Spotify really took the wind out of my sails on this one

@Louisa I'm mad that it's also not available in my country because I like that song!

@Louisa @PostMasterGeneral that was so good and what a captivating video too tbh also was meatloaf always hot and i just didn't know, or?

@shade @PostMasterGeneral I've always found him pretty attractive but especially when he's older ✨

@tessaracked @PostMasterGeneral

The internet: Jim Steinman says he was inspired to write this song by the events of the novel Wuthering Heights

Me, eating it up: om nom nom

@PostMasterGeneral this doesn't fit my Meat Loaf/Jim Steinman love affair for the ages narrative, but it's nice

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