I wish when I filled in my eyebrows I didn't always feel like this

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@Louisa If I go hard on brow pencil I'm the monobrow baby's mom

@erinbee it's such a tiny dysmorphia, I do it and tell myself "it's not weird, I don't look weird" and then take a step back from the mirror and I look so weird!

@Louisa Right, it's like "I can do this, nobody else's eyebrows look ~unnatural~, nobody is going to look as closely at me as I look at myself" and then BAM it still feels like a costume.

@erinbee I'm hoping the more I do it the most used to it I'll be

@Louisa right up until you then take them off and its like ah shit i have no eyebrows.

@mxsiege yeah! Sometimes I think makeup is just gaslighting me into thinking I look really strange without it

@Louisa sitting at the mirror slowly murmering to myself "what is face"

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