October prompt doodles 

Ok I'm doing this because they're interesting and there aren't that many of them, important criteria for me

Edward Gorey is the gold standard for this kind of thing of course; I'm just trying not to copy his style

I'm doing them quickly with no do-overs because trying to get something right to the point of not making anything at all is definitely a weakness of mine

October prompt doodles (murder, but suicide vibes) 

Number two: Behind the Curtain

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October prompt doodles 

Number four: Multiple Identities

I hate this one very much, the perspective and details are awful, but no turning back

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Please do a creepy murder mystery picture book. Like, for kids. But, you know, creepy kids.

@PostMasterGeneral Edward Gorey already did it a million times better with the Gashlycrumb Tinies, I'm afraid

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