The thigh
It ripped my jeans
The thigh is out

They were old and tbf this is the cause of death for every pair of jeans for me and most women, but oh man when you feel it finally go it's like a tether snapped and King Kong broke free

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@Louisa that like "did I just get carpet burned by my jeans breaking????" feeling

@Cyborgneticz yes! Closely followed by "is my body just made of Jello waiting to ooze out of its container??"

@Louisa when you poke your leg that's just busting out somehow in a way that legs shouldn't do but they're doing it

@Louisa this is how my ass felt busting out of my favorite jumpsuit. i was heartbroken, it was thrilled

@Louisa I say this a lot, but this is your best toot

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