Me, when I first heard about furries: ah, some people like to think about being a wolf. I get it

Every furry bio I see now: I'm an elk-tiger, part truck, I have wings but they only exist in the dream dimension, and sometimes I'm 5,000 feet tall

@Louisa At some point in the timeline fursonas and sonicsonas merged into one.

@radicalrobit have you ever done the "(your name) the hedgehog" image search, it's wild

@Louisa I probably have a long time ago and then blanked that from my memory.

@Louisa I could never be a furry because when I think about what my fursona should be my brain locks up

@baturkey I'm a, uh... rabbit but... purple... shit fuck I fucked it up

@gedvondur true, but sometimes you just want to go apeshit

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