Imagine being the kind of person who has a small task and thinks "oh, I should take care of that right away" and actually does it

@Louisa Wait, we can just... do it right then? That doesn't sound right

@SanfordianPhil I need to consider all ramifications, and wake up with dread at 3am thinking about how I still need to do it

@Louisa the past couple weeks I've actually been doing? chores? in the morning??? before it gets hot and I get disgustingly sweaty from vacuuming???? and then I don't waste half the day going, "oh yeah I have like an hour of chores to do," and not doing them

I don't know who I am anymore

@Louisa when I was unemployed last year I did an extremely bad job at this, and I really have been trying hard to keep up, if only to have something to do

@Pixley if I had enough life stability to form a schedule I think I could handle that, I'm very good at telling myself something has to happen at X time and not questioning it

@Pixley go to the store tomorrow? Haha no, today is the day for the store

@pig surely it's better to miss a deadline on something important than to just do it slightly wrong

@Louisa it's good, and right, and not at all a stressful way to live

@pig keep honking*, I'm reloading**

*Sending emails
**Panicking about all these emails

@Louisa except it's not that easy always.

if it was, then why do we still have our jobs? #OverExaggeration

@Louisa wait, my bad. I just read the whole thread and the toot again and realized it wasn't just about developers / technology.

my #OverExaggeration comment was about developers 🙊

@Louisa people who don't have at least four mental committees things have to pass through in order to become formal actions? sounds fake

@infernusgoatus the committee has decided today we should watch TV without enjoying it while fretting, instead of taking care of this

@Louisa i saw this earlier and pretended i didn't see it coming at me with an axe, and then i spent an hour somehow not getting in the shower, so i have come back to acknowledge my constant fate

@seafrog sometimes I LITERALLY have to turn my phone off and hyperventilate for a second to psych myself up to take a shower or make food or anything

@Louisa RIGHT???? WHY is this a bug Please, patch this episode of Brain

@Louisa If I have a small task I can do it right away. If I have 3 small tasks I completely shut down.

@TapiocaPearl oof, yeah

Sometimes making a list helps that feel more manageable, but only sometimes

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